Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alternative Bioenergy Raw Material in Thailand

Alternative Bioenergy Raw Material in Thailand

Sugarcane  is  one of a most a sustainable biofuel feedstock. Thailand have 8.46 million Rai (1Ha=6.25 Rai) of sugarcane field, have yield about 99.3 million ton of sugarcane which can be produced about 9.6 million ton of sugar per year. The sugar export volume about 6.6 million ton per year that makes Thailand is a second largest exporter of Sugar in the world after Brazil (The Office of sugar cane and sugar, 2011).

After the sugarcane has been harvested the tops and green leaves, containing some 30% of the energy available in the plant, remain in the field as a ‘trash blanket’. Farmers are allowing approximately a quarter of the trash to be gathered as biomass feedstock.  

(Pennisetum purpureum and related hybrids of P.purpureum and P.glaucum or P.americanum)  

The crop is a tall perennial plant, growing to 2 – 5mt tall, rarely up to 7.5 mt. Some of the higher DM yields reported are as high as 76 ovens dried tons per hectare per year. Pakchong 2 high up to 5 mt. BEST is the professional in Napier grass large plantations in South East Asia and can provide several services to optimize harvesting focusing to serve bioenergy business. 
By the way several limiting factors regarding bioenergy crops harvesting operations and logistics need to be addressed and our company has a strong participation in the most advancement methods to reduce costs of delivered-biomass.

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